What is RenJS

RenJS is a Visual Novel engine, meaning a library to make a game of the visual novel genre that can run in a web browser. Inspired by RenPy, it lets you create VNs by writing something like a screenplay, easily and without needing to know how to program. On the other hand, RenJS is powered by PhaserJS, a powerful 2D video game engine for Javascript. If you’re a programmer, extending RenJS to add other kinds of game mechanics like hidden object, RPG features, etc, should be very easy.

If you haven’t played yet the RenJS tutorial, it’s a great demonstration of what you can achieve with RenJS, and how to achieve it easily.

If you already played it and you’re ready to start your own game, head up to the Quickstart.

If you’re a writer and need help with the syntax, you can find how every available script action works and see examples in the Actions Guide.

If you’re a designer and need to ajust how the game looks, check the GUI section to understand how you can achieve your prefered look and feel.

If you’re a programmer and want to extend or understand how RenJS works, the Engine section shows how the whole thing works.